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Malta Permanent Residency Programme

Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment Programme is a fantastic way to enjoy the beautiful island of Grenada, explore new paths for your business and expand your passport portfolio. In order to preserve the prestige of Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment (CBI) initiatives, the CBI programme is governed by a legal protocol. Application is by invitation and each applicant, their family and or business partners must be approved individually by the Government of Grenada through a strict due diligence process. Due to this protocol Grenada boasts one of the Caribbean’s most exclusive and rewarding Citizenship Programmes. Read more about the process, download the required forms or find an agent to guide you through the application.

The Grenada investment visa programme provides second citizenship in Grenada and a passport to investors offering visa-free travel to over 153 countries including the UK, EU Schengen countries and China. Grenada also offers access for its citizens to the USA E2 treaty investor visa. Applicants need to invest either $150,000 as a donation or $350,000 in a government approved real estate  project (can be reduced to $220,000 for connected investors) and maintain the property investment in Grenada for at least 5 years.

Grenada is the only Caribbean programme with no country restrictions. All applicants are welcome but are subject to strict due diligence checks.

There are fees and taxes to pay in addition. Applicants must be of outstanding character, in good health, of high net worth and with no criminal record. There is no requirement to visit for an interview for the Grenada citizenship programme and in fact there is no need to travel to the country to complete the application.

There are no specific country restrictions with the Grenada programme (includes Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria). Children and dependents up to age 30 can be included (subject to restrictions) along with dependent parents over age 55 (if fully supported). There is no tax on worldwide income and processing of the application takes around 4 months. Government, Professional and Due Diligence fees apply