The Grenada CBI program is an investment program designed to grant instant citizenship to individuals that invest in real estate or donate to the government of Grenada. It allows visa-free travels to over 150 countries, including Russia, China, the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, and all the European Schengen states. Grenada citizenship allows the option of applying for the US E-2 Green card with a further investment in the United States.

Visa-free travel to more than 150 countries including, the Schengen, China, the UK, Malaysia, Singapore, etc.

No stay requirement.

No capital gain or estate taxes.

The application can include a spouse, unmarried siblings, children up to 29 years, and parents over 55 years.

An investment of $220,000 into Real Estate.

A clean criminal record.Alternatively, a donation of $150,000 to the government of Grenada.

A clean criminal record.

Applicants must not be barred from any of the visa-free nations.

A processing period of 6 – 8 months should be expected. Your citizenship is issued and delivered to you, giving you unlimited access to Grenada and visiting access to Schengen and other countries.

This program costs about $110,000 with the financing option, $280,000 with the property investment option and $160,000 with the donation option.

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