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  • Main Applicant: Min. Age 18 years
  • Clean Police Conduct
  • Certificate of Good Health
  • Main Applicant must have at least $250,000 in assets


  • No Tax on Worldwide Income
  • Dual Citizenship Permitted
  • Visa Free Travel to over 129 countries including the EU country, Schengen Area, UK & Russia
  • Ability to include children & parents of the main applicant and the spouse.

Malta Citizenship Programme

Malta Citizenship Programme

The Republic of Vanuatu is a country located in the South Pacific Ocean close to Australia & Fiji. Vanuatu consists of a chain of 83 islands. The country is a former joint protectorate of the UK and France and achieved independence in 1980. It is now a member of the United Nations and the Commonwealth. The official languages are English and French.

The Vanuatu economy is primarily based on agriculture which makes the island self-sufficient. Cocoa, kava and timber are the most important exports, with Australia and New Zealand being the main export destinations. Tourism and financial services also make up an important part of the economy of Vanuatu.

Citizenship by investment in Vanuatu is available to applicants who invest from $130,000 into a local development fund. Vanuatu has the only Citizenship by investment program in the Asia-Pacific Hemisphere.

There are no restrictions on dual citizenship and there is no requirement to visit or reside to retain a passport. Vanuatu has no income tax, wealth tax, capital gains or inheritance tax. Processing is fast with citizenship usually within 30-90 days. Donation amounts for a single applicant is $130,000 + fees and $150,000 + fees for a couple. Citizenship is hereditary and an Oath Swearing Ceremony can be arranged in convenient locations around the world. There is no language requirement and due diligence is conducted on all applicants who must have a clear criminal record.