The Austrian Person of Means Residency is a pathway to earning Austrian permanent residency by simply showing passive income and ability to self sustain in Austria. It is for individuals or families with willingness to spend the majority of their time in Austria.

The right to live and do business in Austria.

Legal access to all social amenities and benefits.

Visa free travel to all Schengen allied countries.

Pathway to Austrian permanent residency and EU citizenship.

Low processing cost.

Proof of passive funding amounting to €18,000 a year.

Own or lease living space in Austria.

Buy health insurance valued at 400EUR minimum.

A clean criminal record.

Applicant must spend a minimum of 6 months a year in Austria to maintain residency.

A processing period of 4 – 6 months should be expected. Upon approval your Person of Means Visa is issued for 2 years. This allows you full access to Austria and visiting access to Schengen. Spending a minimum of 6 months a year qualifies you for a 3 year renewal. You gain Austrian PR after 5 years of holding this visa, citizenship after the 10th year of living in Austria.

A cost of about 20,000EUR can be expected. Please request for a cost sheet for cost breakdown.

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