The Latvian Residence Program is a national program leading to residency status in Latvia that can be renewed indefinitely or developed into permanent residency. A contribution to the government contribution alongside an investment into a Latvian company is required.

Visa free travel across Schengen countries.

Doing business in Europe and work permits for spouse.

Free healthcare & education alongside other amenities.

No stay requirements in Latvia

A contribution of €10,000 to the Latvian government.

An investment of €50,000 into a Latvian business, recoupable with PR qualification.

A clean criminal record.

A processing period of 4 to 6 months should be expected. You have no staying requirement to maintain temporary residency, and can continue to renew temporary permit indefinitely so far investment remains. To attain permanent residency, physical residency is required in Latvia for a minimum of 6 months per year, for 5 years; PR allows you reclaim your capital if you wish. Citizenship is attained by spending 6 months per year for 5 years after attaining PR.

A total cost of €85,000 can be expected. Please request cost sheet for full cost breakdown.

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